Knowledge Centre
The centre aims to sift and provide usable information for parents, caregivers and teachers with a specific focus on the areas of special needs and learning difficulties. We make available useful learning aids, materials, point to relevant books, articles and provide book summaries.
The Research Centre informs our interventions and promotes releavant studies.
Day Care Centre
Curative Education (Special Education)

The special education programme at the center is focused on developing basic life skills, promoting independence in the activities of daily living and social interactions and supporting functional academic skills.

The services listed below are offered to children with learning disabilities as well.

Physiotherapy Services

The physiotherapy unit works both on a one on one and group basis and incorporates traditional as well as complementary methods like hydro therapy, beach walking, compresses, massages, and nourishing baths. The focus is also on incorporating the therapy activities in the child’s natural environment.

Early Intervention and Infant Stimulation Programme

In this programme, after the initial assessment, therapeutic techniques are demonstrated individually to each parent and a follow up service is provided for the infants and toddlers who are ‘at risk’ or newly diagnosed.

Medical/Diagnostic Consultations

The school doctor anchors the medical and diagnostic services at the center with a multi disciplinary team of paramedical professionals. Children are taken to other reputed hospitals for medical investigations when needed. The school doctor also anchors the case conferences and individualized education programmes in order to plan the best course of action for each child.

Health and Nutrition

A rhythm in lifestyle and nutritional food intake keeps the children healthy and more receptive to therapy/educational inputs. Every child who becomes part of the Nandavanam programme will be advised to follow a specific diet in order to improve and maintain health. A nutritional porridge in the morning and a balanced lunch are provided to all the children. Medicinal food supplements prescribed by the school doctor are also provided.

Family Support Services

The medico social work unit at Nandavanam plays a vital role in supporting the families both emotionally and financially. The majority of our clients are from the lower socio-economic strata. Ongoing counseling to the parents/siblings and home visits are features of the programme.

Counseling Services

Effective, prompt, and quality counseling services are provided for children and adolescents with emotional concerns, for families of the children referred and for siblings of the children with special needs.

Transportation Services

A specially designed school bus picks up and drops the children on a daily basis.

Consultancy Services

We offer medical consultation, assessment and plans for management for children with developmental challenges and learning difficulties

Daily Activities

Daily activities at the center include receiving the children, a morning circle, supplementary food, movement, therapy, sensory walk, beach walk, individual and group functional academic sessions, and lunch which staff and students have together. In the afternoons there are activities like art work/ painting/ clay work/ story telling/ hydrotherapy/craft/ fireless cooking. The day ends with gardening, a closing circle and handing over the children to the parents.

In the Day Care Centre for children with special needs we practice a wholistic approach in handling developmental challenges and learning disabilities by incorporating traditional and complimentary methods in a loving and caring atmosphere.

Training Centre
Nandavanam runs training programmes for:
  • Teachers to build awareness on learning difficulties and to share remedial methods that will benefit all children in a classroom.
  • Remedial Teachers to enhance their skills of intervention.
  • Teachers who are first generation learners to build their English language skill.
  • We also conduct modules on child development, study skills and class room management based on institutional needs.
Nandavanam Model Remedial Center for Learning Difficulties

We run a Model Remedial Learning Centre at “ Fathima Matriculation Higher Secondary School” at Kodambakkam. The components of the model include medical consultation, therapy services, assessment, academic remediation, and inclusion of parents and teachers.

The centre is also a supportive platform for the school to initiate a remedial programme and set up a resource room to assess and remediate students with learning difficulties.

A Day at Nandavanam
Infrastructure & Facilities
The center has a congenial space, both indoors and outdoors, that is fully equipped to serve children with neuromuscular and developmental challenges.
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Experiential Teaching and Learning
The six-day module is all about understanding and experiencing the processes involved in learning. We will be looking into how children learn and various skills required for academic success.
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