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MickyJoseph - Manager Corporate Social Responsibility
Micky Joseph is the Manger of the Corporate Social Responsibilities at Newgen KnowledgeWorks Pvt.Ltd. He has a Master’s degree in social work with over 12 years of experience in the field. His deep concern for people with special needs made him the architect of establishing Nandavanam as a centre for children with developmental challenges and learning difficulties. He also oversees the Eco-Tree project. He brings a quality of support and nurturance to his colleagues and treats them with patience and respect. He steers Nandavanam with clarity, vision and integrity.
M.A Social Work, RCI Reg.No. A34928
Dr.Veera Panch - Mentor and School Doctor
Dr. Veera Panch is a mentor and medical doctor at Nandavanam. She is an extremely well qualified doctor with a rich experience, spanning over 40 years, in community medicine and neurology. The turning point in her career was her exposure to Anthroposophic medicine enunciated by philosopher Rudolf Steiner and she went on to qualify in it. She brings her knowledge and insights not only to the care of the children but includes the parents as well. She has laid the foundations for a programme of wholistic care for childen with special needs at Nandavanam and is also dedicated to the education of the staff.
Certified Anthroposophic Physician
Dr. Suchitra Ramkumar - Consultant, Remedial Education
Dr.Suchitra Ramkumar works as a Consultant in remedial education at Nanadavanam. Since her medical graduation in 1986, she has worked in many capacities and has over 20 years of experience in educational contexts in Krishnamurti Foundation schools and with them at state, national levels. She has served as a teacher, school doctor & counseller. Suchitra brings her love of children and attentive observation to her work. She has explored different paradigms of understanding health to bring depth to her work.
Cambridge International Diploma in Teaching & Training
Diploma in Counselling
Diploma in Specific Learning Difficulties - MDA
Jaganath Balasundaram - Senior Physiotherapist
Jaganath is the physiotherapist at Nandavanam. After his graduation in physiotherapy, he has spent his entire working life of over 17 years in the service of adults and children with special needs. A tall soft spoken man, Jaganath is a pillar of strength, compassion and reliability. He is adept at handling children and adults of different temparaments, needs and age groups.
Bachelor's in Physiotherapy
Kala Raveendranath - Senior Special Educator
Kala is a qualified special educator with over 16 years of work experience. She is the mother of a special child and that has been her motivation to qualify and work in the field. Her daughter today works confidently in a company and that speaks volumes for Kala's skill and persistance. She speaks of her special daughter with the dignity of complete aceptance and that is Kala's attitude towards all children irrespective of their needs and abilities.
BSc Physics
Bachelor's in Education
PG Diploma in Special Education, RCI Reg.No:A07145
Arthi Kuppuswamy - Consultant, Remedial Education
Arthi is an Educational Therapist and works as a Consultant in remedial education at Nandavanam. She shifted from work in the IT industry due to her deep interest in wholesome education. An avid learner, she has qualified herself in many areas in remedial education. She is a warm and creative remedial teacher who makes interesting teaching learning materials. The acceptance and commitment that she brings to the children she works with is evidenced by how happy they are to come to her classes.
MA History
Educational Therapy - National Institute of Learning Difficulty, USA
Diploma in Specific Learning Difficulties - MDA
Balaji Mohan - CSR Executive, Medico Social Worker
Balaji is a CSR Executive and Medico Social worker at Nandavanam. In his first job after graduation in social work, Balaji has won the hearts of all at Nandavanam. His soft and gentle manner reveals a generosity of spirit and an acceptance of people that is authentic. The children have a special relationship with him and his disarming attitude makes the parents comfortable with him. All of us at Nandavanam know that we can rely on him for any help we want.
M.A Social Work
Selvamary - Special Educator
Selvamary is a special educator at Nandavanam. She has qualified herself from the time she left school with a clarity and determination to work in the area of special education and rehabilitaltion. Her prior work experience also reflects this. She is person of quiet strength and grace and is a keen learner of anything new that would add value to her interaction with her children.
BSc Psychology
Diploma In Education, Autism, RCI Reg.No.B14538
Augustine Thilak - Consultant, Art and Yoga Therapy
Augustine is the art therapist and yoga teacher at Nandavanam. Deeply rooted in enquiry, Augustine has explored yoga and psychotherapy after his degree in fine arts. His soft manner invites children to art work. His intent to observe and listen with attention is very visible. It is a healing impulse that he provides through his art . Music, photography and reading are his other interests.
B.A. Fine Arts
PG Diploma in Yoga
M.A. Counselling and Psychotherapy
Nancy Theresa - Special Educator
Nancy is a qualified special educator at Nandavanam. She is, in her own words, "passionate to work with students and children with developmental challenges". Nancy brings a lot of enthusiasm and energy to her interactions with children and she is a keen learner. Her special interest is in children with cerebral palsy.
Diploma In Special Education (Cerebral Palsy)
Shruti Bhat - Physiotherapist
Shruti is a physiotherapist at Nandavanam. She has a Masters degree in Physiotherapy with a specialization in neurology from JSS Medical College, Mysore. She brings energy, enthusiasm and a professional work ethic to her interactions at Nandavanam.
Masters in Physiotherapy, (Specialization Neurology)
M. Sreekumar - CSR Executive
Sreekumar is a CSR executive and is the person responsible for the Eco Tree project at Newgen. Quietly and competently, Sreekumar has greened many many areas, planting a variety of native trees and plants. He is a man whose actions speak louder than his words. To protect the earth from the effects of global warming is his deep intent and he has won accolades for his work from no less a person than the former President Shri. Abdul Kalam.
Infrastructure & facilities
The center has a congenial space, both indoors and outdoors, that is fully equipped to serve children with neuromuscular and developmental challenges.
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