1. To create a platform for persons with disabilities across the country to meet to know about their abilities.
  2. To highlight the abilities of the persons with disabilities and later include these abilities into mainstream society.
  3. A precursor to an International congress in future.
"We have a dream. We want to share this dream with you. The time for a positive change has come. You can drive this change. The wind of change first blew 20 years ago, when the idea to organise a congress for persons with disabilities was first voiced in Berlin. Since then, thousands of people all over the world have attended congresses in Europe, South America and Asia. The congresses became the starting point for positive change in the lives of people with special needs in many countries". - Thomas Kraus, initiatior of congresses of person with disabilities world wide since 1998. (www.socialartist.events)

The time has come to celebrate this congress in India

We invite you to participate in the first Congress for Persons with Disabilities in India. It will be held in Karl Kubel Institute , Annaikatti, Coimbatore. The Congress will be a social and cultural event with a focus on networking and building cultural and interpersonal relations. It will center on persons with disabilities, their needs, and their roles in the society. One of the goals is to present disability as a starting point for development of new human skills that today’s world needs so much and to give persons with disabilities an opportunity to play an active role in creating an inclusive society. The rich conference programme would feature theatrical performances, artistic contributions, lectures, discussions, workshops, sightseeing tours and visits to institutions and NGOs, athletic competitions, an arts and crafts show, and a trade fair for technical rehabilitation tools and social services, and an inclusive flash mob on the streets of Coimbatore. Do not miss the unique chance to explore the city with many lakes in the foothills of the Western Ghats, in South India.

The First National Congress for Persons with Disabilities:

  • is a civil society initiative implemented with active support from and participation of people with disabilities, the Government of the host city, and businesses;
  • is a socio-cultural event that aims to broaden cultural and interpersonal communication, enhancing the life quality of people with disabilities and the entire society;
  • focuses on people with disabilities, their needs, and their role in the community at any level.
  • We expect about 100 participants from around the country. The target group is persons with disabilities.
  • Regardless of the form of disability. Participation is, if necessary, made possible by a companion. (1 person may accompany an average of 3 participants).
  • Added to this are volunteers who facilitate the holding of the Congress on the spot and help with the necessary support, and the organization team.
  • All practical information can be found at FAQ.
  • In order to participate, you need to register and pay the registration fee.
  • The registration fee is Rs. 5,000/- for all.
  • Please fill in the form and forward it to the Congress Office at beautifulmindscongress2018@gmail.com. You will receive a reply from the Congress Office with the confirmation that your application has been accepted and all details needed to pay your participation fee.
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