Nandavanam - Center of Excellence for Children with Developmental Challenges
Nandavanam is a center dedicated to the healing and education of children with developmental challenges and learning difficulties. Nandavanam promotes humane and traditional practices in the field of rehabilitation for people with special needs.
Target Group
Children with developmental challengs like Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Mental Retardation, Multiple Disabilities, Learning Difficulties.
Services provided in the day care centre and in the consultancy include: A Knowledge Centre that provides relevant and usable information on special needs and learning difficulties...
A Day at Nandavanam
Infrastructure & Facilities
The center has a congenial space, both indoors and outdoors, that is fully equipped to serve children with neuromuscular and developmental challenges.
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Upcoming Events
Experiential Teaching and Learning
The six-day module is all about understanding and experiencing the processes involved in learning. We will be looking into how children learn and various skills required for academic success.
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