International Day of Persons with Disabilities-2018
The true spirit of “Inclusion“ was seen today when children from various schools, including special needs organizations, walked together on Thiruvanmiyur beach as a part of an event organized by Nandavanam – Center of Excellence for Children with Developmental Challenges – to mark the International Disability Day (3 December). Nandavanam is CSR Initiative of Newgen Knowledge Works.
World Disability Day-2017
Commemorating international world disability day in a very special manner. Children from Nandavanam day care center, Nandavanam Learners club and Gateway international school, would be taking part in this inclusive event.
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Child Friendly Education
Child Friendly Education aims to share perspectives on how education needs to contribute to the overall development of the child.
Autism Awarness
"Nandavanam Organised Autism awareness campaign at the Newgen offices in the month of April 2017. Hundreads of employees participated in the collaborative art work with the students of Nandavanam center"
Teacher training - Experiential learning and teaching
Nandavanam in collaboration with Niraivagam conducted a 9 day workshop for over 70 teachers from 20 schools. The purpose of the workshop was to introduce methods used in remedial education to teachers.
An Art Duet
Nandavanam Center of Excellence for Children with Developmental Challenges organized an Art Duet at the Cholamandal Artists Village. Injambakkam, to commemorate the world Disability day on the 3rd of December. It was an opportunity created for 40 persons with special needs and 46 volunteers to experience the therapeutic effect of Expressive Art firsthand.
Eurythmy Workshop
Nandavanam conducted a half day workshop for its staff on 4th July 2015 on Eurythmy. Eurythmy is “visible speech” and is based on the teachings of Rudolf Steiner.
Workshop on “The Inner Developmental Journey of the Teacher and the Taught; the Healing Aspect.”
Nandavanam conducted a workshop for a mixed group of people that included teachers, therapists, doctors and social workers from over 7 organisatios between 27th and 31st July 2015.
Workshop on ‘Nourishment Bath’
The staff at Nandavanam had a demonstration on a nourishing bath. A nourishing bath is part of external therapy used in the care of children with special needs.
A Day at Nandavanam
Infrastructure & Facilities
The center has a congenial space, both indoors and outdoors, that is fully equipped to serve children with neuromuscular and developmental challenges.
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Upcoming Events
Experiential Teaching and Learning
The six-day module is all about understanding and experiencing the processes involved in learning. We will be looking into how children learn and various skills required for academic success.
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