Who We Are ....

Nanadavanam is the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) arm of Newgen Knowledge Works.

What We Do and Where ....
Nandavanam is a center dedicated to the healing and education of children with developmental challenges and learning difficulties. Nandavanam runs ...
  • A Knowledge Centre that provides relevant and usable information on special needs and learning difficulties. This facility is available in the Nandavanam premises as a face to face consultancy service. A web based facility is being developed.
  • A Day Care Centre for children with special needs. This is located in the Nandavanam premises at Neelankarai.
  • 21 children attend the day care school programme. They are provided wholistic care that includes nutrition, education and rehabilitation. 15 children avail of our part time services which includes therapy and special education.
    As part of our consultation services we offer medical consultation, assessment and plans for management for children with developmental challenges and learning difficulties.
  • A Training Centre where courses are offered to other caregivers and educators in the areas of developmental challenges and learning difficulties. We also run English language enrichment programmes for first generation learners and teachers. Training programmes are conducted at different locations based on the convenience of the beneficiaries.
  • We run a Model Remedial Learning Centre at “ Fathima Matriculation and Higher Secondary School “at West Mambalam.
How It's Done and Why ....
Knowledge Centre
We make available useful learning aids and materials, point to relevant books and articles, provide book summaries and promote research in these areas. Newgen is a publishing house and our Knowledge Centre is a congruent offshoot of this. The centre informs many of our interventions. In this technological era, there is no dearth of information in any area. In fact there is a flood!! The centre aims to sift and provide usable information for parents, caregivers and teachers with a specific focus on the areas of special needs and learning difficulties.
Day Care Centre
We promote humane and traditional practices in the field of rehabilitation for children and adolescents with special needs. We see the child in the context of the home, family and the environment. The staff at Nandavanam take special care to make home visits, dialogue with parents and provide emotional and infrastructural support. Assessments are comprehensive and include the developmental, medical, paramedical, educational and social aspects. Our interventions in the medical and therapeutic areas include both contemporary and complementary systems of care.
Training Centre
This centre conducts training programmes in learning difficulties for teachers, parents and caregivers. It is a response to the great crisis in education in today’s times. Students study long hours in school and attend tuitions spending huge sums of money and yet large numbers of students are not able to even read and write. There is a huge confusion about what a learning difficulty is and children are labeled as having dyslexia, attention deficit disorder and hyperactivity very randomly.The training programmes in remedial education and English language acquisition aim to address all these issues. Remedial teaching methods can enrich all classrooms and help in language acquisition and numeracy.
Model Centre
We run a Model Remedial Learning Centre at “ Fathima Matriculation and Higher Secondary School” at West Mambalam. This centre provides comprehensive care to six students with learning difficulties, in the primary section, on a regular basis. The components of the model include medical consultation, therapy services, assessment, academic remediation and inclusion of parents and teachers. The centre is run by a trained remedial therapist. The centre is also a supportive platform for the school to initiate a remedial programme and set up a resource room to assess and remediate students with learning difficulties.
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